Winter Olympic Fever at Sochi

Watching the Winter Olympics-I have been an Olympic junkie ever since grade school.  Gary and I atttended the 1988 Olympics in Calgary and got the bug.  Love to watch the ski and snowboarding events and it was just great to see Alexandre Bilodeau win gold ij the moguls yesterday.  Curling is also a favourite and we are cheering for Jennifer Jones.  Camryn and I got to meet Jennifer last year and gifted her a Baby Sherpa diaper backpack.  So Baby Sherpa is at the Sochi Olympics-what a hoot! I love having the Olympics on- something good to watch when you are up late catching up on paperwork.CAmrynJennifer

Morgan Lucas Top Fuel Champion Gets Real Tree Camo Sherpa

Expectant Dad and Top Fuel racing champ Morgan Lucas proudly receives his Real Tree Camo Baby Sherpa Diap[er Backpack from Heather & Camryn

Expectant Dad and Top Fuel racing champ Morgan Lucas proudly receives his Real Tree Camo Baby Sherpa Diap[er Backpack from Heather & Camryn

We made our annual trek to Brainerd, MInnesota for the NHRA Races in August. Always a great time-we camp with our Minnesota friends- the Willis Family and enjoy 4 days of the fastest cars on the planet. Lucas Oil is a family owned and operated business that started from their garage and has become huge in the automotive industry. Their son Morgan who races Top Fuel Dragsters is expecting his first child with wife Katy later this year. We gifted them a Real Tree Camouflage Sherpa bag. Morgan is a huge Duck Dynasty Fan and outdoorsman and was thrilled with his Baby Sehrpa. His favorite eatrues were the built-in cooler and the key retreivers! I guess he has an issue with misplacing keys.

Father’s Day around the Corner

Camryn and Gary Dewar by Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Camryn and her Dad by Lake Winnipeg

Father’s Day will soon be here.  Dads have such a special relationship and spot in their daughter’s lives.  Gary was away last weekend Drag racing with his brother Randy so Camryn and I had a girl’s weekend.  Our girl’s weekend entailed her taking a babysitting course and me cleaning out drawers!  We did go to the theatre on Saturday night with one of her friends and watched Footloose and some other chick flicks.  She sure missed her Dad though and was so happy that he made it home late but could still tuck her in and kiss her good night.  Bed time has always been their special time- I have a more  flexible schedule so do the days and school, and Gary does bed time.  Their bedtime routine used to be a story but has now been replaced by one or 2 of her stuffies doing a re-cap of the day (complete with Dad’s voices).  They have a hoot.  What was your special time with your Dad?  My Dad is 90 and he loves me picking him up to go for a ride and a beer out in the country.  Not sure what we will do on Father’s Day, it usually depends on the weather.  If it is nice we will pack up the Sherpa and the fishing gear and put the boat and a line in.  They say that a Dad is a girl’s first love-how true!  Happy Dad’s Day to all the awesome Dads out there!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day from Heather, Camryn & Kaysa

Happy Mother’s Day from Heather, Camryn & Kaysa

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and our Family Tradition is to stop in to wish Gary’s Mom a Happy Day, visit my Dad (My Mom passed away in 1989) and then we go to Birdshill Park and barbeque and go biking.  This is one of our favourite family traditions and we have been doing it for 12 years!  I also write my daughter Camryn a letter highlighting the past year and how much she means to me and seal it and put it away for her to open when she is older.  What are your traditions?  How will you spend this special day?  Parenting is such a privelege and the most wonderful job in the world!  Have a great day.

Winter in Manitoba

Mogul Mice started today at Stony Mountain Ski Area.  These are the cutest little skiers you can ever see.  3 – 4 years old all bundled up so they can hardly move.  Moms and Dads plus the rest of the support team are there with cameras to capture the big moment.  Today was Day 1- -15C with 40K winds.  NOt the type of day we like to start these little guys out but they persevered!  WE started CAmryn on skis when she was 18 months old.  She was in the mountains at 2 years and this is when I found how useful a Baby Sherpa

Camryn Skis and Snowbaord at 2 years old

backpack was.  YOu can put ski boots thorugh the bungee and snacks in the cooler.  The change pad was great for sitting on and the sternum strap and waist belt made it easy to ski with.  We ordered warmer weather for next weekend.  Hopefully Mother Nature will comply.

Meeting Measha Brueggergosman!

Local soprano Camryn Dewar of Stony Mountain had the thrill of her life when she got to meet her idol opera diva Measha Brueggergosman at the Winnipeg Concert Hall on Friday night.  12 year old Camryn had read that Measha had recently become a mom and decided that a great gift would be a Baby Sherpa diaper backpack from her parent’s company. Winnipeg Symphony staff arranged for Camryn and her family to meet Measha in her dressing room prior to the concert.

“Measha is going to be travelling all over the world and she needs a backpack like the Baby Sherpa to carry her baby gear,” said Camryn.  “Baby Shepherd was just beautiful and Measha was incredible! We went to the concert and she is an amazing singer.  I hope someday that I can sing like she does.”

Measha and Baby Sherpa

Camryn and Heather meeting Measha!