Monthly Archives: January 2013

Winter in Manitoba

Mogul Mice started today at Stony Mountain Ski Area.  These are the cutest little skiers you can ever see.  3 – 4 years old all bundled up so they can hardly move.  Moms and Dads plus the rest of the support team are there with cameras to capture the big moment.  Today was Day 1- -15C with 40K winds.  NOt the type of day we like to start these little guys out but they persevered!  WE started CAmryn on skis when she was 18 months old.  She was in the mountains at 2 years and this is when I found how useful a Baby Sherpa

Camryn Skis and Snowbaord at 2 years old

backpack was.  YOu can put ski boots thorugh the bungee and snacks in the cooler.  The change pad was great for sitting on and the sternum strap and waist belt made it easy to ski with.  We ordered warmer weather for next weekend.  Hopefully Mother Nature will comply.