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Winter Olympic Fever at Sochi

Watching the Winter Olympics-I have been an Olympic junkie ever since grade school.  Gary and I atttended the 1988 Olympics in Calgary and got the bug.  Love to watch the ski and snowboarding events and it was just great to see Alexandre Bilodeau win gold ij the moguls yesterday.  Curling is also a favourite and we are cheering for Jennifer Jones.  Camryn and I got to meet Jennifer last year and gifted her a Baby Sherpa diaper backpack.  So Baby Sherpa is at the Sochi Olympics-what a hoot! I love having the Olympics on- something good to watch when you are up late catching up on paperwork.CAmrynJennifer

Meeting Measha Brueggergosman!

Local soprano Camryn Dewar of Stony Mountain had the thrill of her life when she got to meet her idol opera diva Measha Brueggergosman at the Winnipeg Concert Hall on Friday night.  12 year old Camryn had read that Measha had recently become a mom and decided that a great gift would be a Baby Sherpa diaper backpack from her parent’s company. Winnipeg Symphony staff arranged for Camryn and her family to meet Measha in her dressing room prior to the concert.

“Measha is going to be travelling all over the world and she needs a backpack like the Baby Sherpa to carry her baby gear,” said Camryn.  “Baby Shepherd was just beautiful and Measha was incredible! We went to the concert and she is an amazing singer.  I hope someday that I can sing like she does.”

Measha and Baby Sherpa

Camryn and Heather meeting Measha!