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baby sherpa founder and the original baby sherpa diaper bag backpackBaby Sherpa® is a leading edge designer of gear-carrying solutions aimed at active families. Founded in 2002, Baby Sherpa® has received numerous juvenile product awards for excellence and innovation.  Baby Sherpa  has offices in Winfield, Illinois and Stony Mountain,Manitoba,Canada

At Baby Sherpa, we are active parents who understand the needs of parents who travel, go on outings and need a great backpack to carry their gear.  We believe that your backpack should multi-task as well as you do.  They should be designed and made to withstand the demands of parenting.

Baby Sherpa's mandate is to design, manufacture and sell a Diaper Bag Backpack  that meet the needs of active parents. We value input from parents and strive to keep being innovative in meeting parents' needs for hauling the gear of their little ones. Alpha Sherpa is  our newest backpack that is a 5- in-1 backpack.  It includes an innovative sleeve to carry your laptop computer, mobile devices and whatever else you may be packing.

In 2009 we were pleased to add Safe2Go Child Safety Harness backpacks to our line up.  Aimed at the fast moving toddler crowd, the patent pending Safe-2-Go® safety harness backpack series features a dozen plush kiddie karacters that neatly disguise the safety harness as a backpack.  Completing the innovative design is a patented 38” retractable nylon tether that tucks back in when not in use. These harness backpacks are also multi tasking – they are a safety harness and also have a small pocket for your toddler’s toy or treasure.

About the Inventor

In October of 2000, Heather Campbell-Dewar and her husband Gary became parents for the first time to baby Camryn. After having their baby they could not find a technical diaper backpack for all of the baby gear that they needed to haul around.  Heather wondered why every other extreme sport had a technical backpack designed specifically for the sports  Instead of complaining about it, they retained a world class diaper bag backpack designer and designed and manufactured a technical diaper backpack. This became what is now known as the Baby Sherpa, a diaper backpack that is multifunctional and ergonomically designed.

Many parents are carrying 3 or 4 bags when one well designed back pack diaper bag should be able to handle all the gear. Who would have thought that such little people need so much baby gear with them!

Baby Sherpa™ outpacks the competition in a big way!

The Sherpa Story

Ever since Sir Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of Mount Everest in 1953, the Sherpa people have received international recognition for their courage and fortitude.

Today more than 100,000 people of Sherpa ancestry live in the Himalayan region with many continuing to work as guides on mountain treks. In fact , the climbing of Mount Everest would not be possible without the help of these dependable guides who have taken part in every expedition to Everest since 1921. Strength, stamina and the ability to withstand the demands of life.

The same qualities the Sherpa exemplify also inspired the creation of the Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack. We hope its rugged versatility will serve you well through your journeys in life.

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