Chai Mommas - Alpha Baby Sherpa Travel Backpack for Your Family trips

My husband and I travel and fly a lot with our kids. We were looking for a good size bag or diaper bag, that would fit everything in it including extra clothes snacks, bottles and diapers, that was great for the both of us!  For our trip to India in 2010 I needed a bag that was compact but had a lot of space to carry things for both of my kids. I did many research on the Internet for a compact bag, diaper bag andBaby Sherpakept popping up. I looked at many other backpacks and diaper bags and found this one to be the most compact and most practical one to buy at a very reasonable price.


Newport Beach Magazine - Running with Baby Sherpa

Baby Sherpa Mom  Baby One day, my wife came back from a backstage swag room at a Hollywood event carrying a backpack that would ultimately make a huge difference in my life.  It wasn’t just an ordinary backpack, it was a Baby Sherpa backpack. My wife made sure to tell me a hundred times that it was the pack carried around by Brad Pitt. But I think she thought that it was cooler than I did or maybe, just maybe,when I carried the Baby Sherpa around, she envisioned Mr.Pitt instead of me. But that’s besides the point.

There are plenty of diaper bags out there that might work just fine for the wife - like a pink stripe sling tote, floral diaperbag or the camo double diaper bag - but you won’t see me parading around Fashion Island with any of those. There are also daddy bags, dude bags and mac sacks but they’re just regular packs designed for hiking, books or whatever beingmarketed as diaper bags.


Baby Sherpa for Travelling - By Catherine Shaw

Baby Sherpa  Family

Active families need to look no further than the Baby Sherpa Backpack when next planning their travels. The four-in-one, ergonomically designed backpack was created by Canadian parents who couldn't find a comfortable hands-free bag to carry the paraphernalia that accompanies a child and their own outdoor equipment.

Noting that many parents end up carrying several different bags to meet the various needs of the family, the designers set about creating the ultimate in organisation: a backpack that acts as a cooler bag, nappy store and video/camera bag, and that still has space for clothes and toys. Wide, padded shoulder and sternum straps, and a detachable hip belt balance the bag's weight close to the body's centre of gravity. This means the large leg and hip muscles do the work and even heavy weights are comfortable to carry for long periods. 


Mommy Nose Reviews

This back pack is great for Mommies and brilliant for Daddies.  When it arrived in the mail Daddy Nose immediately claimed it as his own.  That's a good sign because it's another bag Mommy Nose won't have to haul all over the place today! 


Backpack Diaper Bag Innovative, Built for Travel and Everyday Use

Kelby CarrI'm not the least bit surprised that parents were behind the Baby Sherpa diaper backpack. I can think of few diaper bags I've encountered that are so useful for travel.  The Baby Sherpa diaper backpack has a splendid design, and a convenient spot for  everything. While many diaper bags require that most baby gear be thrown together, the Baby Sherpa has useful sections. This includes a spot for the parents' electronics, and a built-in bottle cooler.

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