Cyber Golf Alpha Sherpa Review

Traveling golfers need bags - golf bags for their sticks, shoe bags for their footwear, duffel bags for their accessories. A fully functional, multi-compartment backpack is preferred gear for any journey, be it on or above ground, and there are few better than the Alpha Sherpa.


Baby News Review

I am going to start by saying that I will not call the Short Haul by Baby Sherpa a diaper bag. I am going to call it a multifunctional and ergonomically designed bag for the active parents. This bag is great and has so many advantages:


5 Minutes for Mom - Every Baby Needs A Sherpa!

Alpha-SherpaMomandChildOkay – Julia and I are not scheduled to conquer Mount Everest this year, but I sure do pack around a lot of stuff for her and Jackson. And I have had the worst time finding the right bag to carry it all.When Jackson was a baby, I quickly gave up on my diaper bag and used a backpack instead. I preferred the comfort and ease of a backpack to the awkward shape of my big diaper bag. But there are some problems using a regular backpack for a baby – there is no place for keeping bottles cool, not enough pockets and no changing pad. And worst of all everything sinks to the bottom and I end up carrying around 5 pairs of socks and clothes from last season that I forgot were in there. But even with the drawbacks, I preferred a backpack and still use one now to pack Jackson’s gear, although I often have to carry a lunch pack/cooler as well.

So, I gave my barely used diaper bag to Susan and she has used it a bit for Julia. But she too hates that it is too big and most often she just uses her purse (and hopes she doesn’t need a changing pad) and brings Julia’s lunch pack for her snack and sippy cup. While this may be ok for short trips and when it is only Julia, when one of us has both Julia and Jackson, this means a lot of extra stuff – two bags, two lunch kits and a purse.

You should see me trying to lug everything to the car – I don’t even have a free hand to hold onto Julia! So when I go to the beach or to the park, it is impossible. So, you can just imagine my excitement when I saw the Baby Sherpa. No – this bag doesn’t carry the baby! It carries the baby’s stuff, just like the Sherpa people help tote the climbers’ gear up Mount Everest.

And it answers all the needs of a Mom or Dad:

  • Diaper bag
  • Cooler
  • Soft-sided pocket for video camera or breast pump, etc
  • Pockets for wallets, sunglasses, keys, cell phones, etc
  • Mesh bottle holder
  • Insulated bottle holder
  • Oversized diaper change pad
  • Ergonomically designed with waist, sternum and padded shoulder straps
  • Is available in two sizes – short haul and long haulalphasherpacooler 300x200

Orca Communications - Alpha Sherpa Backpack

Orca Communications Unlimited introduces its Best Products for Parents Media Guide, a compilation of practical and meaningful products created with parents top of mind.  Designed as a one-stop shop for members of the media, the guide is available online here  and boasts a beautiful, customizable line of jewelry for mothers, a much-needed device to eliminate germs and build-up from your child’s sippy cup, a fully-outfitted five-in-one diaper / lifestyle bag, and a brilliant solution to setting sibling squabbles.

Print Review

Anybody who travels these days knows that strong, flexible, versatile luggage is the only way to survive.  To avoid those dreaded fees on checked baggage, I’m trying to jam more and more into my carry-on and backpack that doubles as a computer bag. I love my Ogio carry-on. Can’t beat it. Has more pockets than a pool table.

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