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Baby Sherpa Mom  Baby One day, my wife came back from a backstage swag room at a Hollywood event carrying a backpack that would ultimately make a huge difference in my life.  It wasn’t just an ordinary backpack, it was a Baby Sherpa backpack. My wife made sure to tell me a hundred times that it was the pack carried around by Brad Pitt. But I think she thought that it was cooler than I did or maybe, just maybe,when I carried the Baby Sherpa around, she envisioned Mr.Pitt instead of me. But that’s besides the point.

There are plenty of diaper bags out there that might work just fine for the wife - like a pink stripe sling tote, floral diaperbag or the camo double diaper bag - but you won’t see me parading around Fashion Island with any of those. There are also daddy bags, dude bags and mac sacks but they’re just regular packs designed for hiking, books or whatever beingmarketed as diaper bags.

The minute I saw the Baby Sherpa I knew that it was made by a genius, or at least someone that was as sick of carrying around all that baby stuff as I was. Turns out that the Baby Sherpa was dreamed up by first-time parents Heather Campbell-Dewar and her husband Gary who, just like me, got tired of lugging around tons of baby stuff.
The Baby Sherpa is an ergonomically designed, multifunctional backpack that is divided into different compartments that isolate each compartment from the other. On the bottom is an insulated zipper compartment I use to pack food and beverages with an ice pack to keep it cold. Above is a large zippered compartment that gets stuffed full of diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, blankets, toys, etcetera.Alpha Sherpa Cooler

The Baby Sherpa also has a small removable insulated storage compartment on one side and a mesh pocket on the other for quick-grab beverages and two zippered pockets for small items like wallets, cell phones, binkies or whatever. It also has a large mesh pocket on the front with a bungee for all the other stuff you wind up taking with you, a couple of multipurpose clips and a nicely padded changing pad.

So here I am, almost two years and two kids into an extensive product review and I have to honestly say that Brad Pitt is one smart guy if he is still lugging all his kids things around in a Baby Sherpa. It is absolutely one to the most intelligently designed products I have ever used. The Baby Sherpa literally goes everywhere my kids do: the car, boat, airplanes, hotels, shopping, restaurants - you name it. But best of all I don’t have to feel like some dork carrying around a manpurse even though what’s packed inside the Baby Sherpa includes my things too.

Even better yet is the fact that after two years of abuse like being thrown in the car, dropped on the ground, being run over by strollers, taken to the beach, getting soaked clothes stuffed inside or being left outside on the patio, the Baby Sherpa has not lost a single stitch and honestly doesn’t look any worse for the wear.

The truth is, I’ve gotten mighty used to stuffing my things inside and throwing a beverage or two in with the kids. So much in fact, that I’ll probably keep hauling it around with my stuff in it once the kids are grown.
By Randall Lichner, Newport Beach Magazine

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