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This back pack is great for Mommies and brilliant for Daddies.  When it arrived in the mail Daddy Nose immediately claimed it as his own.  That's a good sign because it's another bag Mommy Nose won't have to haul all over the place today!  If you are going to use a Maya Wrap style carrier for your baby - in fact if you are using almost any baby carrier at all, then this Sherpa Backpack is the way to go all of the time.  It will help to distribute your weight evenly between your front and back and it will save you a huge back ache in the long run. The messenger bags really don't work well when you are carrying your baby all over the place. They are better for stroller outings.  Trust me on this one, Mommy Nose!

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Safe2Go Takes Checkered Flag with Nascar - New Partnership to Promote Child Safety

Safe2Go Child Safety Harness has been awarded the Seal Of Approval from The National Parenting Center.

Nia Vardalos and sister Nancy (inventor of Safe2go child safety harness backpack) demonstrate and discuss the Safe2go

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