Dog Eat Doug - Alpha Sherpa Back Pack

Today I’m reviewing a product I discovered awhile back. At that time I believe the company was just starting up. They contacted me about sending a long a sample for me to try out. A year or so later they sent it along. Let me tell you, that was a pleasant surprise. My wife had bought me a killer Eddie Bauer baby bag. A guys bag. Not that a manly baby bag makes you appear any more macho when you’re always covered in dried, unidentifiable baby food and smell like puke and rotting yogurt. Nevertheless it was cool.

I didn’t think anything could really match my black and orange man/baby bag. However the Baby Sherpa blew me away. Granted, they sent me the newer ALPHA version which in and of itself screams “I hunt and kill my own meat and change diapers”. The bag is now my only bag. And not just for baby stuff. For starters it’s a backpack. Not a slip off your shoulder and into a dirty pampers bag. That alone is a huge advantage. Let’s face it, you need lots of free hands when you have a mini human. So it’s a straight up 10 in the functionality and looks department.

It also gets a 10 in regards to what you can stuff into it; it can carry a laptop. ‘Nough said. It also has a cooler compartment on the bottom. That’ll keep your stash of GoGurts fresh until it can be smeared all over your polo shirt.  Durable? You bet. I beat the crap out of mine. It’s been on road trips to Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. The Sherpa still looks new.  All of you in the market for the ultimate baby bag, well, I found it.

Brian Anderson, Dog Eat Doug

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