Chai Mommas - Alpha Baby Sherpa Travel Backpack for Your Family trips

My husband and I travel and fly a lot with our kids. We were looking for a good size bag or diaper bag, that would fit everything in it including extra clothes snacks, bottles and diapers, that was great for the both of us!  For our trip to India in 2010 I needed a bag that was compact but had a lot of space to carry things for both of my kids. I did many research on the Internet for a compact bag, diaper bag andBaby Sherpakept popping up. I looked at many other backpacks and diaper bags and found this one to be the most compact and most practical one to buy at a very reasonable price.

Here are a few perks about Alpha Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack:

  • Deep inside compartments with zipped pocket modular insulated pocket holds large-size and most brand baby bottles and sippy cups 
  • Soft sided cooler to store bottles, snacks, beverages, medications (hold 6-8 canned beverages) 
  • Bungee X cord is great for jackets, toys and blankets over-sized diaper changing pad included 
  • Padded pocket to hold a video camera or breast pump Cell phone accessories pouch and sun glass case holder

We, till this day use our Baby Sherpa bag because its durable and just so spacious to carry all of our things. I love that the bag has lasted me almost over 2 years and have used it on all of our vacations we have gone. Looking forward using it on many more vacations to come!

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