"The Baby Sherpa diaper backpack and the Safe2Go child safety harnesses are absolutely brilliant!" "We are an active family who travel and also have 16 month old twins and a 6 yewar old daughter. We don't know how we would manage without these 2 amazing products."

-Dr. M.L, Family Physician

Parents Magazine Dad's Favorite Gear- The most ingenious product I've used is the Baby Sherpa Backpack. It has tons of room, an insulated bottle holder, clips and cords to secure all your essentials, and a changing mat. Plus, it looks like a hiker pack, so I don't feel self-conscious carrying it when I'm out with Abbie and Parker. $90

-- Tyler L.; Garden Grove, California

If our golf swings were as functional as this exceptional product, we'd all be breaking 80 regularly.

-, Father’s Day Gift Guide.

“I am in love with this bag and so happy to have found it.  It’s the perfect bag for long days out and more adventurous excursions. It would make a great baby shower gift or one for any parent with babies, toddlers or kids in general who needs to regularly haul stuff around.”

Your Mama Reviews

This bag continued to amaze and surprise. At the two week mark, I found a feature I hadn’t noticed before – I wouldn’t be shocked if this pack just got up one day and did my dishes. It is as comfortable as any of my hefty hiking packs (some of which have cost me a lot of dough) and fits quite comfortably when coupled with a front baby carrier.

- My Wee View Alpha Sherpa Review

“This is one amazing bag! I took it to Universal Studios with us. It had a spot for everything. It fit snacks, change of clothes for the kids, video camera and best of all it has a cooler on the bottom of the bag.” 

    - Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls

The Alpha Sherpa is by far the most versatile backpack that I have seen. Some like to think of it as a diaper bag, which is great for those that prefer a hands-free, no hassle bag. Myself, I see it as an all-round/all-purpose bag that can be used by anyone, for anything. Personally, I use mine the most for day trips. This is because I am able to carry everything from baby supplies, books, cameras, and clothing with ease.

- My Organized Chaos

“There are a lot of gorgeous diaper bags on the market today – some practical and some not so much – but I’ve never seen anything like the Alpha Sherpa diaper backpack from Canadian company Baby Sherpa. It’s not just a comfortable backpack – it’s the most well-designed “diaper bag” ever, and it’s the kind of bag you can use for years after you finish carrying diapers.”

   - The Opinionated Parent

“I particularly like the removable exterior pockets (for glasses, snacks, small items that you want to be easily accessible) and the padded laptop sleeve along the back (I barely noticed that my macbook was there). It was also handy to have multiple storage areas to keep the contents organized.”

- Metropolitan Mama

"There are just so many features to the Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack that I know I didn’t get to even use them all, however I wanted to make sure that you knew about each of them so here is a list of the features of the backpack. It is a rugged and tough piece of gear that any active family would be happy to own Read to me Dad"

    - Read to me Dad

The truth is that any guy would love this backpack--whether they are dads or not! Mike loved the bag from the moment I took it out of the shipping box and he has already used it as a "man" diaper bag and has deemed it his new camping bag. This is really a bag for everyone, both women and men. For instance, techies {or students, bloggers, etc} will appreciate that the backpack also has a padded laptop compartment that holds most 14 inch laptops. Inside, you'll even find a padded pocket perfect for mobile devices, cameras, and video cameras.

- Jolly Mom

“What I love about this new backpack is that it is manly. I know that sounds strange but really if it appeals to my husband first he is more interested in learning about the backpack and it’s features.  I love the fact that you can store your cameras in the backpack and that it offers insulated spots for bottles or drinks.”

    - Mommy Mandy

This is an impressive bag...lots of bells and whistles. Overall I like it very much. It's perfect for trips or longer excursions. These two things are really enticing if you travel a lot with your kids and don't want to deal with a separate laptop bag, video camera bag, dvd player bag, etc. Plus, the bag can easily be used as a laptop bag in the doesn't always have to be used as a "diaper bag". In fact, it is close to what we were looking for for my husband to ride his bike to work with. He needed a backpack that would protect his laptop and have insulated space for his lunch. So, we're likely going to be using it for him when he rides to work and for the kids on a trip basis.”

World of Wonders Magazine
From travelers to commuters to busy parents, The Alpha Sherpa Back Pack is the ultimate in multi-tasking bags available on the market! Important features include the following:
  • A padded laptop compartment safely holds most 14” computers
  • Soft-sided cooler compartment with capacity of 8 cans
  • Rugged construction
  • Video camera and DVD padded pouch
  • Ergonomically designed with padded shoulder straps
  • Padded air mesh back panel with ventilation channels for breathability
  • Heavy duty lug handle
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Water resistant
  • PVC and Lead-Free
Interesting Tidbits:

Celebrity Sherpa lovers include: Reese Witherspoon, Nia Vardalos, Courteney Cox, Brad Pitt, Gillian Anderson, Kathy Bates, Geena Davis, Cate Blanchett, Patrick Dempsey, Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, and Katie Holmes.

“As a recent parent-my little boy is now almost 5 months, -the stuff you have to carry around with you defies logic, so the new Baby Sherpa is just perfect for any outing with a child.


…“This surely is the James Bond of Backpacks”

..the Baby Sherpa will be just as at home in an urban jungle as the Himalayas.”
Grove Magazine, London, England Nov 2004
The Baby Sherpa has been all the talk around diaper change tables these days. Sherpa's advantages are meaningful. It reduces as many as three bags into one. And it makes the almost unfathomable list of baby travel necessities a bit more manageable.
And that's no small feat. Robert Cribb, Toronto Star Sept 04
“’s the Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack that proves parenthood is not just a job, but an adventure. With a lifetime guarantee, well-placed pouches and pockets, reflective tape, heavy-duty handles, bungee X cords and ergonomic shoulder straps, Father & Child are ready for almost anything.”
San Francisco Chronicle Magazine October 2004

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